Dragon Fruit Is Big Thing In Indian Horticulture Industry?

Dragon Fruit Is Big Thing In Indian Horticulture Industry?

Dragon fruit is a rare fruit grown in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. It’s quite different from its more common relatives such as the Oranges and Lychee fruits. The Dragon fruit has a purple patch on its skin, which is what distinguishes it from its nearest relatives in terms of shape and size. This fruit is also unique because it doesn’t have any seeds.

The Dragon fruit is currently one of the most popular imported fruits in the world. The demand for this fruit has skyrocketed in recent years, due to the high-quality, disease-resistant skin that comes with it. The industry is currently worth billions of dollars per year, making it one of the biggest export earners in India. If you think about this, the money that comes from the exports supports many Indian, small horticulture industries, which is absolutely important. Without the export, Indian horticulture industry would be completely shut down. So, from an investor’s point of view, it’s a very good thing that the horticulture industry supported by such a strong export crop.

The Dragon fruit is said to be the next big thing in Indian horticulture industry. The taste is said to be slightly bitter than other similar fruits, but that may just be a first impression. If you like bitter, then this may be the fruit for you! From a marketer’s point of view, the only way to get the Dragon fruit to become a household name is by making it as accessible as possible to the market. You have to enter the market, make it so easy for consumers that they buy it without even looking at the label. This is one of the reasons why the Dragon fruit is often sent to various restaurants and grocers in Mumbai.

Not only will Dragon fruit be the next big thing in the export sector of Indian horticulture industry, it is also predicted to be the next super food on the international scene. One day, with enough research and innovation, it is possible that this fruit could even replace the popular export crop, the mango. It is, after all, said that once in every 500 square meter of land, there should be a mango tree.

In the future, if this fruit continues to gain popularity and grow in the export market, then the mango will be nothing more than a status symbol. And that’s a scary thought for any industry. This is why, whenever some new fruit is released in the international market, it is always welcomed by the mango industry with open arms. Whether it is Dragon fruit or some other exotic fruit, every new entrant into the export sector of the fruit industry always leaves the competition behind, giving the market an opportunity to expand.

The Dragon fruit is here to stay for sure. With its many health benefits, no doubt it is going to make a huge impact in the global market in the coming years. So, keep a watchful eye on this fruit, for it is about to make waves in the very big market.


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